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Dual Language Education of New Mexico is a primary collaborator in the development of AIM4S³™, an instructional framework that deepens students’ mathematical learning.  Achievement Inspired Mathematics for Scaffolding Student Success provides a framework of instructional components that shelters mathematics content to make it comprehensible and accessible to all students, with a specific focus on English learners (ELs) and academic language learners (ALLs).  AIM4S³™ is a powerful framework that supports teachers in planning and implementing the Common Core State Standards and aligns with the four domains of The Framework for Teaching from the Danielson Group.  It can be utilized with any mathematics program and is applicable in kindergarten through middle school. This model provides strategies to allow students to own the language of mathematics, to access math knowledge, and to be fluent in demonstrating their understanding.  It also deepens teachers’ mathematical understanding and curricular knowledge.

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What People Are Saying

Joel Lavin Principal, River Road/El Camino del Río ElementaryEugene School District 4J

"AIM4S3 has transformed our classrooms during mathematics instruction. The framework has increased teacher confidence and in class communication of concepts while providing much needed scaffolding for diverse learners across our school."

Level 1 Training: 6-Day Training

The Level I training is a 6-day training delivered in three 2-day sessions. In each session teachers participate in classroom demonstrations plus planning and practice opportunities. The training targets a specific grade-level band of teachers (e.g., elementary, middle school, fourth-eighth, etc.)  It includes theory and research, strategies, classroom demonstrations, on-line publications and videos, and facilitated planning for teachers.


During the level 1 training, participants will:

  1. Receive training on the AIM4S3 Components and Key Instructional Principles to strengthen teacher pedagogy around math instruction and strategies that support diverse learners.
  2. Preview, observe and debrief classroom demonstrations where teachers see the AIM4S3 framework in action with students.
  3. Develop materials and practice strategies to support students’ mathematics achievement and support implementation of the CCSSM.
  4. Share artifacts from their classroom instruction as they go back and implement the Key Instructional Principles and Component Areas with their students.
  5. Use formative assessment data to guide instruction and to increase student achievement.


To find out more information about organizing an AIM4S³ Level I training for your school or district, contact aim4s3@dlenm.org.



Level 1 Follow-up offerings

School/District Site Follow-Up:

Site based follow-up trainings are differentiated professional development designed to meet the needs of the individual teacher, school, and district implementing AIM4S³™.  This offering can include sessions to deepen and strengthen mathematical understandings, classroom demonstrations, teacher observations with supportive feedback, and work sessions to plan CCSSM units or develop Compendia.  DLeNM’s observational protocol, VISITAS, is often utilized to support teams in participating in peer observations and identifying instructional next steps to support deeper student learning.

Level 2 and 3 Capacity Building: Developing School/ District Trainers

DLeNM supports schools and districts in building capacity and sustainability of the AIM4S³™ Framework.  This exciting and intense process typically takes from 12 to 18 months as we support and certify trainers at the school and district levels.  To find out more information about the trainer certification process, contact Lisa Meyer at lisa@dlenm.org

AIM4S³™ Summer Institute

May 29-30, 2019
Albuquerque, NM

8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Click here to register.

The Summer Institute is an exciting follow-up for teachers already trained in AIM4S³™. The Summer Institute will address a wide range of topics based on feedback from teachers. Participants will have the opportunity to select sessions based on their professional interests. 

Join us to:

  1. Build a year-long plan or develop an AIM4S³™ unit based on the CCSSM and the specific materials you are using in your classroom or school,
  2. Expand your understanding of the model and how the Component Areas and Key Instructional Principles are interconnected,
  3. Increase your own conceptual understanding of fractions, place value and operations, and 
  4. Collaborate with other math instructors on how to best meet the needs of English learners (ELs) and academic language learners (ALLs).

Who should attend?

Classroom teachers, instructional coaches and administrators who have already completed the 3-day Level One training and are seeking to hone their instructional practice and be around like-minded peers.

Please note that you need to have attended the Level 1 3-day training to register for the Summer Institute. There will be an AIM4S³ Level 1 training in Albuquerque this summer.

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