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About OCDE Project GLAD®

For over 20 years, OCDE Project GLAD® has provided exemplary training for educators both nationally and internationally resulting in students’ access to quality instruction and high levels of success.  The Guided Language Acquisition Design model enhances teachers’ design and delivery of standards-based instruction through an approach that integrates the development of content knowledge and skills with the acquisition of academic language. Project GLAD® classrooms promote an environment that respects and honors each child’s voice, personal life experience, beliefs, and culture.

A Powerful Partnership

We are proud to share a partnership between Orange County Department of Education (OCDE) Project GLAD® National Training Center (NTC) and Dual Language Education of New Mexico (DLeNM).  OCDE Project GLAD® NTC is a highly valued partner with DLeNM, with a mutual commitment to service language learners academically, linguistically, socially, and civically. Together, we engage in culturally and linguistically responsive practices that build multiliteracy and multiculturalism.

Per our Memorandum of Understanding, DLeNM facilitates the delivery of OCDE Project GLAD® trainings on behalf of the National Training Center. DLeNM values its relationship with the Project GLAD® National Training Center as a professional collaborator, supporting instruction in the dual language education classroom. The Project GLAD® training model combines research and theory with classroom demonstrations and teacher practice and planning time.  For more information on the trainings that are offered by DLeNM, please click on the links below.

Click here to receive information on upcoming OCDE Project GLAD® trainings.

Element I: 

Project GLAD® Leadership Ensemble - Please contact Diana Pinkston-Stewart at diana@dlenm.org for information on attending or hosting a Leadership Ensemble for your school or district.

This one-day workshop is a prerequisite for all developing agencies prior to scheduling participants for Tier I training. The purpose of this workshop is to support educational agencies with the development, implementation and sustainability of the Project GLAD® instructional model.

Outcomes: Participants will learn that Project GLAD® is an instructional model designed to support diverse populations of learners, develop clear understandings about the instructional needs of English learners, discover the essential components of successful implementation and sustainability of the Project GLAD® Model, and develop and design an initial implementation plan that aligns district resources and professional development needs with student learning outcomes.

Element II: 

 Project GLAD® Tier I Training: ($1075 per participant, includes the cost of training materials*)

  1. 2-Day Research & Theory Workshop: Participants are introduced to the theoretical and research base of the model, engage in dialogue around current pedagogy, and learn strategies that promote academic discourse and literacy success for all students.
  2. 4-5 Day Classroom Demonstration: Participants observe a certified trainer deliver 4 to 5 days of Project GLAD® classroom instruction with a single classroom of students while another trainer coaches them as to what they are seeing.  Participants spend the afternoon sessions debriefing, collaborating, planning, and preparing for immediate implementation.

Element III: 

Project GLAD® Follow-up training ($1750 per day for one trainer*) 

A DLeNM Project GLAD® trainer comes to the school to work with teachers individually or in a group to deepen their implementation of Project GLAD®. Follow-up training requires pre-planning with leadership to tailor the follow-up to the school’s and teachers' needs.

GLAD® Summer Institute 2019  

Teaching to Students’ Social, Academic and Linguistic Potential 

June 4-5, 2019 
Location: La Fonda on the Plaza, 100 E. San Francisco St. Santa Fe, NM 87501
8:30 am – 4:00 pm​


The OCDE Project GLAD® Summer Institute provides an opportunity to refresh and deepen GLAD® instructional practices for teachers, specialists, and administrators already trained in GLAD® and gives those new to the model an overview of the big ideas and basic strategies of this instructional model. Sessions will be offered in these strands:  

  • The Basics - introductions to the elements of the Tier I certification training and some of the key instructional strategies of the model
  • Refresh and Go Deeper – reviews, extensions and deepening of GLAD® strategies for educators who have already received the Tier I certification training​
  • Early Childhood – focus on GLAD® instruction with Pre-K through early 1st grades​
  • Elementary - focus on GLAD® instruction with 1st – 5th grades​
  • Secondary – focus on GLAD® instruction with 6th – 12th grades​
  • K – 12 - focus on GLAD® instruction with all grade levels
  • Leadership Perspectives – supporting the implementation, sustainability and evaluation of GLAD® instruction.
  • Dual Language – focus on implementing GLAD® instruction in DL programs

Who Should Attend?

Classroom teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators of language learners who have completed their Tier I Certification training or, are interested in learning about OCDE Project GLAD®, and are seeking to hone their instructional skillset and network with like-minded peers.

Registration: $234 Early Bird (before April 1, 2019)

$254 Regular (after April 1, 2019)

To register click HERE

Join us for DLeNM's new early childhood PD opportunity!

Preschool GLAD® is about creating a rich environment of language, ideas, and concepts. While the official name is trademarked Preschool GLAD®, this training is a great match for early childhood educators in preschool and kindergarten and for first-grade teachers already using Project GLAD© strategies. It also is a good match for special education teachers working with you language learners. The focus is on oral language development and strategies naturally bridge into powerful reading and writing strategies.

January 28-February 1, 2019

Registration link: Click here

Registration fee: $750 and includes training materials

Learn about the theoretical base of Preschool GLAD®
Explore the Preschool GLAD® strategies
Experience the joy and excitement of teaching using Preschool GLAD® strategies

Observe a classroom demonstration using Preschool GLAD® strategies
Plan instruction using Preschool GLAD® strategies
Build collaboration


Project GLAD® Tier I Certification Trainings SY 2018-2019

Dual Language Education of New Mexico (DLeNM) will be providing the following Project GLAD® Tier I Certification Trainings during the 2018-2019 SY. Teachers and instructional leaders will learn about how Project GLAD® protocols and strategies build grade-level content knowledge and skills while accelerating the development of academic language in students. The Tier I certification training consists of a Two-Day Research and Theory Workshop and a Four-Day Classroom demonstration with teaching planning time. Each day is 7.5 hours long with 1-hour participants’ lunch on their own.

Goals/Objectives: Through direct instruction, demonstration and participation, teachers of second language learners will learn about, observe and plan for best practices for academic language acquisition through Science and Social Studies content.

Cost per participant for 6 days of training: $1075

OCDE Project GLAD® 6-day Tier I Certification Trainings Fall 2018

Appropriate for 1st-8th grade teachers and instructional leaders of language learners.

Where: Albuquerque Public Schools

Two-Day Research and Theory Workshop

Four-Day Classroom Demo

Dates: September 26-27, 2018

Location:  Albuquerque Public Schools TBD

Time:  8:30 am – 4:00 pm with a 1-hour lunch on your own

Dates: November 6-9, 2018

Locations: Albuquerque Public Schools TBD

Time:  8:30 am - 4:00 pm with a 1-hour lunch on your own.

Registration is now closed!

For more information, email Diana at diana@dlenm.org 


OCDE Project GLAD® 6-day Tier I Certification Training Winter 2018

Elementary and Middle School options!

Appropriate for 1st-8th grade teachers and instructional leaders of language learners and emerging bilnguals.

Where: Albuquerque Public Schools

Two-Day Research and Theory Workshop

Four-Day Classroom Demo

Dates: December 5-6, 2018

Location:  Wells Fargo Bank, Downtown Albuquerque

Time:  8:00 am – 3:30 pm with a 1-hour lunch on your own

Dates: January 15-18, 2019

Locations: Albuquerque Public Schools TBD

Time:  7:30 am - 3:00 pm with a 1-hour lunch on your own.

*Exact locations and dates will be emailed to participants prior to the training.

To register click HERE

For more information, email Diana at diana@dlenm.org



Chant Bank

Educators who have been GLAD® Tier I certified by DLeNM have access to additional resources including GLAD® units, videos and articles.  Current subscribers, please follow these easy steps to login to the newly designed homepage:
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If you are new to GLAD®, please see our information about upcoming Tier I certification trainings.