Featured in this issue: Ruth Kriteman’s final installment in our series on the Eight Components of Sheltering,“Bringing it all Together,” and an update from Trisha Moquino and the Keres Children’s Learning Center located in Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico. In this issue, you will also find articles written by practitioners and… (Read more...)
  Featured in this issue: The ongoing series, in both English and Spanish, on DLeNM's eight components of sheltered instruction Aprendiendo a aprender: El uso de cuadernos interactivos - Mirle Hernández. Details the significant impact that interactive notebooks have had on the dual language students at Truman Middle School. You'll also… (Read more...)
Assessing Students’ Knowledge and Experience: Developing Schema in Sheltered Instruction Ruth Kriteman Sheltering Content, Fostering Community Dual Language Leadership – Connecting Families’ Past and Present Linguistic Resources to Ensure a Bright Future Anna Marie Ulibarri Leadership La Paz Community School: Developing Cross-Cultural Competence among PreK-12 Two-Way Immersion Students Abel McClennen,… (Read more...)
Promoting Academic Success Through Sheltered Instruction: Making Text Accessible and Teaching Learning Strategies Ruth Kriteman Sheltering Content, Fostering Community Entre broma y broma – Integrating risas en el salón for linguistic awareness Kathryn Henderson, Mitchell Ingram Language and Literacy/Biliteracy Development Reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act James J. Lyons… (Read more...)