Summer Featured

In this issue:

Not a Moment Wasted: Language and Literacy Through Science in a 90:10 Classroom
         Susan Foley, Belleview School District and Casey Harkleroad, Kent School District
Continual Refinement - The Dynamic and Complex Nature of Language Learning Programs
          Kathryn Henn-Reinke, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
AIM4S- Matemáticas que fomentan logros académicos a apoyan al estudiante hacia el éxito
          Evelyn Chávez, DLeNM
Taking Stock - The State of Dual Language Education in 2017
          James J. Lyons, DLeNM
DLeNM Expands its Mission to Develop, Support, and Advocate for High Quality Dual Language Programs
          David Rogers, DLeNM
Promoting Involvment to Sustain Positive Change
          Victoria Tafoya and Patrick Werito, DLeNM

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