Creating Dual Language Schools for a Transformed World: Administrators Speak

by Virginia P. Collier and Wayne P. Thomas

This book illuminates a powerful idea, with strong theoretical and research underpinnings, as presented by school leaders who are working in the real world of U.S. schools. If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of dual language schooling for your community, you need to read this book and learn what these very accomplished dual language administrators have to say.
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"... this new resource is instrumental to our continued efforts to create accessible, first-rate dual language classrooms. The administrator-level focus of this book will have a resounding impact on myriad stakeholders for new program development as well as current program enhancement."
Joan R. Lachance, Pd.D., University of North Carolina at Charlotte

"This dynamic book amplifies the value of knowing two or more languages and the crucial role of district and school leaders, educators, and community in promoting bilingualism through well-implemented dual language programs."
Pauline Dow, Ed.D., Austin Independent School District, Texas

"... the work of Collier and Thomas provides teachers and administrators with research-based tools to implement and advocate for effective practice for bilingual learners. Their comprehensive synthesis of research on high-quality dual language education is unique in its scope and invaluable for experienced and novice dual language educators alike."
Ester de Jong, Ed.D., University of Florida

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