Dual Language Education for a Transformed World

by Wayne P. Thomas and Virginia P. Collier

This book makes the case for dual language education to become the standard for all schools. Written for new and veteran implementers, it provides hope, rationale, guidance, and the tools to transform education to 21st century standards.
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"The research of Dr. Wayne Thomas and Dr. Virginia Collier has opened the eyes of many educators, policy makers, and the community at large about the long-term effects of dual language education… Their work is also powerful for promoting the development of students’ native language, second language, and academic achievement.”

Rossana Boyd, Ph.D., Director, Bilingual/ESL Teacher Certification Programs—University of North Texas; Past President—National Association for Bilingual Education

"This book provides districts, schools, and practitioners with essential guidance and affirmation in their work to establish sustainable English learner success, while creating the necessary environments for English speakers to acquire the multilingual competency required to thrive in the 21st century..."

Francisca Sánchez, Retired, Associate Superintendent—Hayward Unified School District, California; President Elect, California Association for Bilingual Education


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