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About DLeNM

Dual Language Education of New Mexico (DLeNM) is a grass-roots educational non-profit organization serving the professional and informational needs of New Mexican communities who wish to develop, refine and/or implement dual language education programs. DLeNM works with lower socio-economic communities in New Mexico, who struggle to close the achievement gap while developing linguistic and socio-cultural capital of their communities.

In 1995, the New Mexico Department of Education funded five pilot dual language programs. In 1996, teachers from Dolores Gonzales Elementary School, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, organized the first La Cosecha Dual Language Conference to network and share identified best practices. As the increase in demand for dual language collaborations around best practices and strategies grew, the vision of Dual Langauge Education of New Mexico was born. DLeNM was founded by dual language teachers–Gilberto Lobo, Barbara Gabaldón, Dair Obenshain, and David Rogers, and was officially incorporated in 2001 as an educational non-profit. 

Dual Language Education of New Mexico
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