Element I – Level I Trainings

The three-day AIM4S³™ Level I Training includes a model overview of the Key Instructional Principles and Components as well as supporting data, classroom demonstrations, and collaborative planning time.
Follow-up training is tailored to the needs of the school and the individual teachers. Past follow-up has included work sessions to develop Compendia, trainings to deepen and strengthen mathematical understandings, classroom demonstrations, teacher observations with supportive feedback, and meetings with administrators to address school goals. During AIM4S³ professional development, the training addresses the specific CCSSM units or mathematics core program implemented at the school site or district.


Element II – Level I Follow-Up Offerings

The Summer Institute is an exciting follow up for teachers already trained in AIM4S³. The Summer Institute will address a wide range of topics based on feedback from teachers. Participants will have the opportunity to select sessions based on their professional interests. Join us to:
1) Build a year long plan or develop an AIM4S³ unit based on the CCSSM and the specific materials you are using in your classroom or school,
2) Expand your understanding of the model and how the Component areas and Key Instructional Principles are interconnected,
3) Increase your own conceptual understanding of fractions, place value and operations, and
4) Collaborate with other math instructors on how to best meet the needs of English language learners (ELLs) and academic language learners (ALLs).
Who should attend? Classroom teachers and instructional coaches who have already completed the three-day Level One training and are seeking to hone their instructional practice and be around like minded peers.